Our Supporters

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We’re proud to be working with supporters who can see the exciting potential of Ourschool – how it can inspire students, and strengthen school communities and the state secondary school system.

Our supporters are providing financial and pro-bono help to sustain the Ourschool pilot. But the pilot is just the beginning of our alumni service, which can benefit many state secondary schools.

We would love to hear from others who feel as passionate as we do about state schools and Ourschool’s potential.

Interested in becoming a supporter?

International views about Ourschool

“I’m greatly impressed with Ourschool’s work.

“Their model, strategic partnerships and implementation strategy have all provided beacons of guidance for Future First USA.”

Jeff Stein – Project Director, Future First USA

“We’re heartened to see Ourschool blazing such an inspiring and exciting trail across the Tasman.

“This is a program that utilises relatable role models to serve its community effectively.”

Vicki Fowler – Executive Director, Connect Futures NZ Trust

“Ourschool has adapted the best practices developed around the world to pilot a new model of alumni engagement.

“The result is that students and educators are benefitting from alumni support more intensively and quickly than they might do without so much support from the Ourschool team.”

Abi Nokes – CEO, Future First Global