Ourschool is a not-for-profit alumni service helping former public school students connect with their old secondary schools. Why?

Because alumni can be inspirational, relatable role models for current students.

We help public secondary schools build their alumni networks to benefit students and strengthen their school communities. 

Ourschool unlocks the power of alumni to inspire students about study and career pathways and to create new opportunities for students.

Building supportive alumni networks is a practical and meaningful way to help schools lift student aspirations, broaden student opportunities and enhance equality of opportunity in school education.

We’re creating systemic change in public school education thanks to partnerships with our pioneer supporters.

OUR VISION:  Every Australian public secondary school has a thriving alumni community whose members are easily able to give back to their old schools.

OUR PURPOSE: To help public secondary schools form and grow their alumni communities for the benefit of current students and their schools.

OUR DIFFERENCE: We are the only service in Australia devoted solely to helping public secondary schools build supportive alumni communities.

Ourschool’s Reach and Impact:

  • 9000+ students in our alumni career pathways sessions
  • 220+ alumni career pathways sessions held by us
  • 460+ alumni volunteers took part in these sessions
  • 5000+ alumni connected to their schools and the program
  • 104 student work experience placements offered by alumni
  • Three student scholarships established, three fundraising school projects involving alumni
  • Working with 11 city and regional public high schools in Victoria
  • Helping another 10+ schools build an alumni program
  • Creating local jobs for local alumni at their old schools – 8+ jobs

We surveyed students, teachers and alumni about the impact of our program. Click on the button below to see the results of the independent evaluation report.

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Caroline Milburn, Ourschool’s CEO, has released the following statement about Ourschool’s response to the coronavirus outbreak: “These are hard times for schools. More than ever it’s important for students and teachers to feel they belong to a supportive community. “At Ourschool we’re continuing our work building supportive alumni networks for public high schools and we’re … Continue reading Ourschool’s response to COVID-19

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