What school leaders say

We work closely with public school leaders. Together, we build alumni networks at their schools to benefit students and strengthen their school communities.

Here are some school leaders’ views about their experiences of our program and why they want to create thriving alumni networks:

Karen Wade, principal

Karen Wade, principal

Mount Waverley Secondary College


“It’s given us a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with past students and hear their expertise.

“Having alumni come and talk to our students about their careers and what they’re doing now is so powerful. It’s good to see alumni programs happening in state schools because traditionally these programs have operated in private schools.

“This is a great program and we’re very proud to be part of it.”

Dale Pearce, principal

Dale Pearce, principal

Bendigo Senior Secondary College


“The program works both ways – former students feel valued and they’re also able to add value to the lives of current students.

“We have students go on to success in a wide range of careers, locally and worldwide. We want our students to graduate knowing they’re part of that worldwide alumni community.”

John Baston, principal

John Baston, principal

Keysborough College


“This program has enabled our students to have a greater range of career aspirations. Many of our parents haven’t gone on to tertiary education and as a result, many of our students have fewer examples of careers they can aspire to.

“The alumni program gives our students alumni they can relate to, who are part of their community.”

Dave Clift, principal

Dave Clift, principal

Warrnambool College


“The Ourschool program is about government schools linking up, with a sense of pride, with students who’ve walked the same corridors as the current student cohort.

“We can see how the students respond with positivity to peers who have come before them; the opportunity to provide inspiration and aspirations for Victorian country students was, for us, too good to pass up.”



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