What alumni say

Public high school alumni want to give back to their old schools. They’ve told us that they’re honoured to be invited back. Here’s what some alumni say about their experiences of the Ourschool program and its career pathways sessions:

Photo of Lindsay in front of a building holding a folder

“There are many examples of corporate and private school alumni programs and we’ve seen how successful they can be if they’re well organised.

So why shouldn’t state schools give that same opportunity to their students and their alumni?”

Lindsay, businessman and corporate board director
Geelong High School alum

Photo of Sharna, an alum involved in the Ourschool program

“Alumni programs are really important for state schools.

“This program gives the students a perspective about different pathways and how they can move forward once they finish school.”

Sharna, municipal emergency management officer
Matthew Flinders Girls’ Secondary College alum

Photo of Graeme, retired sugeon and Sunshine College alum.

“We’ve set up a student scholarship with our friends from high school.

“We hope it grows with the alumni program to encourage Sunshine College students to progress to tertiary education.”

Graeme, retired surgeon
Sunshine College (Sunshine High) alum

Photo of Samuel, an alum involved in the Ourschool program

“It’s important for young people to see themselves in role models.

“For me, coming back to school is about trying to inspire new Australians to see themselves in roles that exist for everybody; to see themselves as part of this country.”

Samuel, diversity and inclusion co-ordinator
Keysborough College (Heatherhill High) alum

Photo of Ashley after speaking at an alumni career pathways session at her old high school

“It’s good for students to see what Matthew Flinders girls are capable of. Having an alumni program gives them hope for the future.”

Ashley, youth worker
Matthew Flinders Girls’ Secondary College alum

Photo of Suraya after speaking at an alumni career pathways session at her old high school

“The program gives students ideas about how to manage their life, control their study time and how to do well.”

Suraya, Melbourne University student
Matthew Flinders Girls’ Secondary College alum

Photo of Manisha in her office at Slater & Gordon (law firm)

“Hosting a work experience student from Princes Hill was a great way to give back to the state school community that supported me so well during my school years.”

Manisha, lawyer
Princes Hill Secondary College alum

Photo of Keysborough alum Clinton Troung

“We never had an alumni program during my high school days. It’s wonderful to be able to be part of this program and to give back to my community. It’s an honour.”

Clinton, engineer
Keysborough College (Heatherhill High) alum

“It’s really beneficial for past students to be able to come back and share their experiences with current students.

“It would have been helpful when I was in Year 12 to hear some advice from people who’d been through it before.”

Mariah, physiotherapist
Matthew Flinders Girls’ Secondary College alum

Photo of Keysborough College alum Dominic

“Reconnecting with my old school has been an extremely rewarding experience.

“It’s given me the opportunity to help students realise that their dreams can be achieved regardless of their background.”

Dominic, surgical resident
Keysborough College (Heatherhill High) alum

Photo of Liam, Fountain Gate alum

“An alumni program broadens the horizons of the school community. It shows you how networks can be important for support and how they can further your career.

“It benefits alumni as well as school students.”

Liam, Monash University student
Fountain Gate Secondary College alum

Alice, Warrnambool College alum, posing for portrait in brick alley

“The Ourschool alumni program provides a fantastic opportunity for students to gain insight into the many, varied possibilities that lie ahead of them.”

Alice, writer and university lecturer
Warrnambool College alum

“The alumni program is great for students because they can see where it’s possible for them to go, even if they think they can’t. They can see that they can achieve, and that it doesn’t matter where they’ve come from.”

Kelly, hairdressing educator
Camperdown College alum

Photo of Ashlee posing for her portrait outdoors in front of the Warrnambool College signage

“Hearing from alumni gives students an understanding of what it’s actually like after school, because they can forget what school really is about. Students hear ‘real’ stories from ‘real’ people and hear about the actual pathways.”

Ashlee, kindergarten teacher
Warrnambool College alum

Maria, an alum of Warrnambool College, standing in front of the school's signage

“Taking part in the alumni program was a great way to share my experiences and motivate the next generation of students to start thinking about work options and pathways into different careers.

“Pathways are not always clear, but there are many doors that can lead to success or entrance into a desired profession.”
Maria, occupational therapist
Warrnambool College alum

video snapshots of alumni