What we do

Ourschool is a subscription-based service that enables public high schools to grow supportive alumni networks. We work with school staff and alumni to inspire and support students through meaningful alumni engagement.

We build each school’s alumni network, co-ordinate alumni involvement with the school and embed a sustainable alumni culture across the school.

We provide the Ourschool program materials, processes and infrastructure to start and grow the school’s alumni program, based on best practice methods and materials we’ve road-tested with schools in a successful two-and-a-half-year pilot.

And once we’ve helped a school embed their alumni program, we offer ongoing coaching support to our subscriber schools as they develop their program and grow their alumni networks. 

Olga, graphic designer, Mt Waverley Secondary College alum

Inviting alumni to go back and give back

Here are some of the main things we do to help a school build their alumni program:

  • Find and connect with alumni
  • Invite alumni back to school to inspire students about study and career pathways
  • Create opportunities for students via alumni providing work experience placements
  • Invite alumni to provide philanthropic support for students and their school such as setting up a student scholarship, donating to a school fundraising project, leaving a gift in their will or volunteering to help the school in other ways.

That’s a snapshot of what we do. There’s a lot more involved in building an alumni community that keeps growing, decade after decade, generation after generation.

To find out more about the Foundation and Coach services we offer to schools please contact us.



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