Our Team

Caroline Milburn, Director and Co-founder of OurschoolKSpence_014_Caroline

Caroline spent more than 20 years working as a journalist and editor with The Age newspaper before establishing Ourschool in 2017.  Caroline is a state school graduate and former state secondary school teacher.  She established Ourschool to help public high schools build strong alumni networks in order to benefit students and public school communities.  Caroline manages the Ourschool alumni development program and delivers the program to two of our pilot schools.

KSpence_016_EliseElise Dunstan, Alumni Development Manager

Elise has extensive experience in alumni development and school education. She  is a former alumni development manager at Ivanhoe Grammar and previously worked as a secondary school teacher in Melbourne schools. Elise is responsible for developing Ourschool’s group workshop program and delivering the Ourschool program to three of our pilot schools.

KSpence_010_MariaMaria Whitmore, Alumni Program Manager

Maria is a former journalist, secondary school teacher and community project manager. Maria is based in Warrnambool and is responsible for delivering the Ourschool program to two regional schools in our pilot.

KSpence_012_TanjaTanja Dunat Timms, Alumni Program Manager

Based in Geelong, Tanja is delivering the Ourschool program to two Geelong schools in our pilot.  Tanja also has extensive experience in school education, working as a teacher at numerous public and private secondary schools in Victoria.