Why Ourschool?

State schools are Australia’s great social and cultural melting pots, educating students regardless of their family’s wealth, ethnicity or religion.

For decades, private schools and universities have built their alumni networks to provide better opportunities for their students. Each year these networks grow stronger.

Unfortunately, state schools haven’t had the resources to do this. That’s meant they’re missing out on the goodwill and volunteer expertise of generations of former students.

And former state school students are missing out on the personal and career benefits of belonging to an alumni community – developing skills as guest speakers or mentors, maintaining friendships, enhancing their job opportunities and professional networks or being able to contribute to the common good through public education.

State school alumni want to give back to their old schools but are rarely asked

Many state school graduates are keen to give back to their former schools but unlike their private school peers, they’re rarely asked to do so, according to research by inHive, one of our supporters.

We want to change that by enabling state secondary schools to reach out to their former students and embed alumni development into their school’s culture.

Alumni can inspire current students and lift their aspirations

Too many students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, don’t have access to relatable career role models. They struggle to see the relevance of schoolwork or imagine a job they might like to do.

Alumni are relatable role models for all students because they’ve been to the same school and they’re proof that  “people like me” can succeed. They can motivate students to work harder and aim higher.

Ourschool helps your local state high school become a beacon of aspiration and achievement in your neighbourhood.

Together, we’ll build stronger communities and a stronger state school system if past students are proudly linked to, and engaged with, their former secondary schools.

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