Kate Lancaster, a manager at a wind energy firm, was asked by Ourschool to describe her experience of being invited back to her old school to speak to students:

“It was such a wonderful experience reconnecting with my school, Cranbourne Secondary College.

“The alumni program is such a great initiative. It’s changed my feelings about having attended public school.

“School was just school, growing up. I didn’t know people judged you on which school you went to until I went to university. When you’re younger it matters what other people think. I guess I started to believe it too.

“Going back to Cranbourne Secondary College gave me plenty of time to reflect on my time there and how it shaped me as a person.

“There were teachers who believed in my abilities, and it made a difference to my confidence and what I thought was achievable.

“My school gave me a solid education and the resilience that I needed to work in tough, male-dominated industries including media, politics, and energy.

“They’re doing great things at my old school, and it makes me proud.”

Kate Lancaster, class of 1994, Cranbourne Secondary College. Kate is the stakeholder manager at BlueFloat Energy Australia, a wind electric power generation company.