Caroline Milburn, Ourschool’s CEO, has released the following statement about Ourschool’s response to the coronavirus outbreak: 

“These are hard times for schools. More than ever it’s important for students and teachers to feel they belong to a supportive community.

“At Ourschool we’re continuing our work building supportive alumni networks for public high schools and we’re adjusting our program delivery to ensure the health and wellbeing of the people we work with. 

“Here’s a brief update on how we’re responding to the coronavirus outbreak:

  • We are following government health advice about social distancing 
  • Ourschool staff are working remotely
  • We are rescheduling alumni sessions or planning to convert them to online webinars where possible
  • We are reducing face-to-face meetings to a minimum, using phone, email and other online tools to communicate with alumni, teachers and school leaders 
  • We’re continuing to grow and engage with each school’s alumni community via our online communications

“We’re also keeping up to date with government health department advice about the coronavirus. 

“Thanks to the personal daily relationships we’ve built with teachers at our partner schools, we’ll continue to liaise closely with them to help them in any way we can.

“If public high schools do close for an extended period, we’ll be in a good position to work closely with them and offer to bring inspirational alumni into the virtual classroom.”

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