Class of 1963 group starts a student scholarship

News page_Class of 1963 articlePhoto: Class of 63 alumni Graeme Thompson and Jill Galbraith with Sydneyrita, school vice-captain and Hasnain, school captain


ALUMNI from Sunshine High School have established a student scholarship at Sunshine College as part of Ourschool’s alumni development program.

Sunshine College is one of nine public high schools receiving Ourschool’s help one day a week to build the school’s alumni community.

Caroline Milburn, Sunshine College’s alumni program manager and co-founder of the Ourschool alumni program, has connected with many alumni from the College and its six foundation schools, including Sunshine High School.

This has led to a group of alumni from the Class of 1963 at Sunshine High School stepping forward to raise funds for a student scholarship. “Our alumni program is in its very early stages and we’ve been focusing on inviting alumni back to school to inspire current students,” Ms Milburn said. “An alumni scholarship program is one of our goals and it’s exciting to see that alumni are keen to help and inspire students in this way.”

The college and the Class of 1963 alumni group have established the student scholarship on a two- year trial basis. The alumni group hopes to encourage other alumni from Sunshine High to contribute to the “Sunshine High School Alumni Scholarship”.

Graeme Thompson and Jill Galbraith, two members of the Class of 1963, recently visited Sunshine College’s senior campus to discuss the scholarship with the school’s leaders and the alumni program team.

Mr Thompson said the group wanted to encourage students to work hard to achieve their goals. “As a beneficiary of a very good education at SHS that allowed me to progress to university, I see the Sunshine College scholarship program as an opportunity to support students through to year 12 and encourage their progression onto tertiary education.”






Launching our pilot


Ourschool is the first service of its kind in Australia. The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald published a story on June 13 about Ourschool’s launch. The story featured one of our pilot schools, Sunshine College, and former student Dr  Vu Le, who wants to establish a scholarship for current students. To read the full article click here